Gifted Healer and Amazing Acupuncturist
Kristine is the most compassionate, intuitive, and effective acupuncturist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Every visit is joy and she always seems to know just what to do to bring about relief and healing. I came to her with on-going health issues that bothered me for years and affected my quality of life. I experienced almost instant and lasting relief and now feel strong, healthy and vibrant again. I highly recommend her and am so grateful to have found her!

Professional and Compassionate
Kristine is a highly-intuitive practictioner who always seems to know exactly what to do to help me feel better. I have a chronic pain condition that is usually helped a great deal with acupuncture. Kristine listens to me and adapts her practice based on my needs. I highly recommend her!

What a relief...
I've tried many, many ways to deal with my knee pain and finally I've found something that has helped. I was very lucky to have found Kristine. Her expertise and knowledge makes all the difference. I'm now feeling so much better... relaxed with much less pain.

Ease and Comfort
Weekly treatments from Kristine offered me the much needed relief I had been needing from chronic allergies for years. Her treatments never failed to turn my day around and ensure that I could breathe again! As our treatments continued and progressed, she gently and expertly came to address additional issues concerning my health and well being such as; anxiety and stress, substance abuse and neck and shoulder pain. Her approach to healing me as a whole person is greatly appreciated as I have never felt a stronger sense of ease and comfort in my body.

Lower back pain that was persistent has disappeared, arthritic pain in my hand has disappeared, erectile dysfunction is reversed, sleep is greatly improved, allergy response has virtually disappeared, and general health is the best ever. I have had accupuncture from many practitioners and Kristine is by far the most effective. I highly recommend her to deal with any issue.

Very professional
Kristine is a gifted and natural healer! She knows exactly where your body needs treatment the most. She is very professional, kind, and thorough. I have recommended her to friends, and I will contine to do so.

Great First Impression
It is a bit too early for me to know the full results of the treatment as I have only just had my first one. The clinic is very spa like and Kristine was knowledgable and caring. I felt very comfortable with her. I have severe neck and shoulder pain. It's been 24 hours and I feel much more loose and relaxed than before. I am optimistic that continuing the treatments will give me relief and hopefully full recovery.

Erectile dysfunction
For over 20 years ED has been a problem for me. ED drugs helped for the first 15 years but in the last few years their efficacy has diminished and as I upped the dosage above recomended levels the side effects got much worse. I tried many herbal supplements that had great claims but none had any impact at all. I went to Kristine with this issue and after a few months of specific acupuncture treatments the ED issue is resolved. No medication is necessary but very low levels work wonders!!!

Rotator cuff pain
the acupuncture treatment helped with reducing pain and the inflammation and stimulating my body to heal itself. That is what I like about her treatments, they bring circulation to the injury and help in a more natural way. She always reminds you about breathing and bringing oxygen to the injuries, I forget to do this during my everyday life.

Acupuncture for Lower Back Pain Issues
Kristine did a good job listening to my problems. She also advised me what she was doing and then offering another great service (not sure of name) based on my pain. Both these services worked well and my pain has subsided. Although my my back is a loft better I made another appointment 2 days time for the same. She also knows a lot about Chinese Medicine and offers a lot of good advice. Thanks and look forward to more visits.

Kristine has helped me so much I feel comfortable with her. She sure knows her stuff I look forward to many more visits.

Welcoming & thorough
Appreciate Kristine's thorough and relaxed approach. Whether new to acupuncture or not, her service is worthy of your consideration. I'm looking forward to my relationship with Kristine.

Kristine was absolutely amazing, she knows the body inside and out. Made me feel comfortable, and talked me through the whole session. I'm very hopeful it is helping my adrenal fatigue in one session. I want to go back soon, to get on with my life. Thank you so very much!

Personal and Professional
My session was tailored to meet my specific needs. Kristine is highly skilled and knowledgeable with the comprehensive practice of acupuncture. She was able to provide specific suggestions to help me with my discomfort that I could try at home. I would definitely recommend Kristine!

My Body is Addicted to Kristine
It had been several weeks since I'd seen Kristine... I had no idea what a difference a single session would do. I was trapped inside some sort of intense force and now I've been freed from it! Thanks again to Kristen.

Kristine is a gifted healer!
I am very blessed to have found WNC Acupuncture! Kristine has taken a genuine interest in my health and given me great counsel and resources. I have benefited tremendously from acupuncture, in my mind, body, and spirit. I cannot say enough for it!

Acupuncture Works!
I have been seeing Kristine for about 3 months for anxiety, Interstitial Cystitis, and a few other health problems. I felt almost immediate results from the first few visits. I have tried medications for years to de with these issues, but acupuncture has shown the best results.

My wife Caroline and I have visited your Y for several years and wanted to provide great feedback on your Saturday 11:15 yoga instructor Kristine - she is very professional, provides clear and concise voice instruction, and demonstrates the poses well.  She has also helped us after class with more difficult poses. Please pass along our comments to the appropriate folks.

Pain Management
The treatment I received from Kristine was compassionate, caring and professional. She not only treated the pain from an injured muscle, she treated the body as a whole. I left her office feeling a lot better than when I went in. I recommend her without conviction. -J.M.B.

Sciatic Pain Relief
I met with Kristine and I was in extreme pain from sciatica. She took a thorough medical history from me. She was an exceptionally good listener, displaying attentiveness and compassion. The treatment was excellent with a relaxing environment and a tender touch. I would definitely recommend her to friends if they are in need of treatment. I will return for a follow-up treatment and plan on making her services a regular part of my health maintenance.

Amazing Results
I was in terrible pain for my low back problem that even the strongest pain medication did not help me. I went to see Kristine for acupuncture treatments and had amazing results after 3 treatments. Kristine is an excellent professional and very caring. I will never hesitate to recommend her my friends and relatives. Very knowledgeable and excellent in what she is doing. -R.S.

Acute Pain Relief
Needed an ASAP appt for pain, was worked in and had a very good experience. Kristine is very knowledgable and considerate of my comfort. I had good results and relief. -V.W.

Care in Abundance
Kristine is so thoughtful and kind and good at acupuncture. She exudes calm care as she treats. She really has helped me with my pain and my stress.

Both Kristine and Matthew are amazing,they gave me my life back. I feel so much better,having them both in my life. I highly recommend them both

Great Treatment
Kristine was thorough, professional and extremely knowledgeable. She asks very good questions and the treatment was very good. She was very attune during the treatment as well. I would highly recommend WNC for anyone seeking a acupuncturist.

Love my acupuncturist
I have had many sessions with Kristine over the last 6 months. I always feel an acupuncture high after my treatment which lasts quite a while. My chi is flowing! I feel very comfortable and cared for by Kristine. She also gives a gentle massage with my treatment. She is very professional and takes the time to research extra information that has been important for my self care. I highly recommend WNC acupuncture. I am continue to be healthy!